Hello, I'm Vibhav

Backend Developer (Golang) - GetMega
IIT Kanpur 2018 Graduate

About Me

I like to keep things simple and to the point just like this page. Facts over feelings. Introvert. I let my work speak for me.
Software Developer
Software development sucks. It's too hard and you gotta keep learning because new things keep on popping up and whatever you know gets outdated by the time you master it. There are so many programming languages, databases, etc. and you have to know which one fits for your problem.
But it turns out I am quite good at it and that's what I do for living. For now I have found my niche in full stack development. Sometimes I work with Elm (to avoid Javascript) and Go when I want to get a little drunk and coding in these cute little statically typed languages really help. And sometimes I work with Clojure(Script) when I am working on something serious.
I am particularly fond of FP languages because I somehow end up writing less code in them and I don't like to write lot of code (unless, of course, I am paid for it).
Options Strategist
I used to be an options trader and it was an eye opening experience to how deep the stock market is. I discontinued it but I am currently working on making tools around options trading.


Stock Options Strategy Builder - Elm (Source)
Multiplayer Game - Clojure (Source)
...there could have been a lot more if I was living in a world without Netflix.